Cover of Autokrator by Emily A. Weedon. The cover is turquiose with a Greek statue mask on it.

Autokrator by Emily A. Weedon

While unfortunately we already know what it looks like when those who aren’t men are denied rights, and what it looks like when hard-won rights are being eroded, Autokrator takes the chilling thought experiment in a more extreme direction: what if women had no rights at all?

Hunting Helena by Natalie Carter-Giles

A psychological thriller that will leave you aghast, Hunting Helena is a chilling debut novel written by Newfoundland and Labrador author Natalie Carter-Giles. Already hardened by a lifetime of grief, Helena Douglas is a young university student attempting to start life over when the unthinkable happens. While jogging along a coastal trail she is captured by a …

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Dark August by Katie Tallo

At the beginning of Dark August, 20-year-old Augusta “Gus” Monet learns that her great-grandmother Rose has died. The death of her only blood relative galvanizes Gus to take charge of her meandering life. She ditches her petty criminal boyfriend Lars and heads back to the small Ontario town where she spent part of her childhood. …

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Lindstrom Alone (Trilogy #1) by John Moss

Canadian author John Moss has created a different type of private investigator in Harry Lindstrom: a retired philosophy professor that now specializes in murder cases. The remaining member of the Lindstrom & Malone team (Malone was his wife), he inhabits an apartment in downtown Toronto which he shares with the “ghost” or rather, the voice …

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