Access Point by Tom Gabbay

Not since I picked up a copy of The Exorcist by WP Blatty, have I read another book in one sitting but Access Point kept me glued to my seat until I reached the last page in this psychological thriller. This author is new to me and I can assure you, I’ll be looking for his other work.

The story opens with Ula Miskin, a neurological researcher, who makes an amazing breakthrough mating the human brain with technology. Moving beyond the opening chapter we meet Mia Fraser, an American art student studying in London, England. Mia rents a room from Ula, in a grand older home, with a view of Highbury Fields, everything seems perfect. But something is not right.

She was tired and on edge, nervous about her first night in the big house. Maybe she’d imagined it. In fact, now that she thought about it, the voice did seem a bit unreal. Faint and hollow, as if emanating from some faraway place. Like a dream.

Mia Fraser is brutally knifed one dark night in the park. Ula, socially awkward, misses the young student. Using her advanced software and the help of a fellow neurologic scientist, she relives Mia’s memories, seeking for the killer. Scotland Yard’s Detective Sarah Boyd questions Ula regarding the murder. She’s not comfortable with the answers.

Gabby sets up things quickly and neatly, getting right to the plot. Numerous twists will keep you turning the pages and leave you guessing who the killer is. It’s not who you expect. This is a terrific performance by the author. Access Point is gripping, suspenseful and you can’t help but get caught up in the story. Definitely worth five stars. A Miramichi Reader “Pick”!

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August 24, 2020 09:05

[…] I was asked by The Miramichi Reader if I would do a review of a novel by American author, Tom Gabbay. I did so gladly, as the novel – Access Point – was one that intrigued me and I looked forward to reading. (See the review here –  TMR) […]