Pure Colour by Sheila Heti

Pure Colour tells the story of a life, from beginning to end. It is a galaxy of a novel: explosive, celestially bright, huge, and streaked with beauty. It is a contemporary bible, an atlas of feeling, and a shape-shifting epic. Sheila Heti is a philosopher of modern experience, and she has reimagined what a book can hold.

Shape Taking: Poems by Elana Wolff

The poems in Shape Taking tend to the betwixt, beyond and out of bounds. They speak to living, dreaming and imagining in times of inner and global flux; seek connectivity in disparate things, and contend with the unreasonableness of miracle. They want to believe, with work, that the brain can change.

Brought Down by Simon Constam

Characterized by the admission of doubt in God’s desire for a better world, and willing to see Jewish tradition as indispensable, Brought Down struggles with daily life as a firm believer and continuing pride in Jewish identity. In the great Jewish tradition of holding God to account, and not relenting in anger towards Him, the themes in this book are universal: faith, religious practice, forgiveness, history, and the relevance of belief.