Bill Arnott’s Showcase Interview: Mike Schauch

Welcome back! Another special Showcase today; a lovely visit with a lovely guy, mountaineer, author, and dare I say, a bit of a spiritual sensei. Now … can you hear it? The sound of singing bowls and snap of wind-whipped Nepalese prayer flags, as we meet our Showcase guest, Mike Schauch, author of A Story of Karma. Let’s start by introducing Mike with his official bio:

Michael Schauch is a mountaineer, entrepreneur and storyteller who lives to explore remote places around the world and to share the depth and beauty of the human connection he discovers along the way. With early success as an entrepreneur at age 15, and over 20 years of global financial investment experience, Schauch brings his business acumen and altruistic heart to lead and support local and international mentorship, fundraising and educational initiatives. He holds an MBA from Queen’s University and is a member of the Explorers Club. He and his partner in adventure Chantal make their base camp in Squamish, BC.

(Bill) Welcome, Mike! A pleasure to have you on the Showcase. Tell us, please, what do you feel you’re best known for?

(Mike) Many people often say I have an infectious laugh that they can recognize from a mile away. And I think my love for the mountains and adventuring in nature.

Q. (Well now we all want to hear you laugh!) But until then, what would you say brought you here?

A. Growing up, I was fortunate to have loving parents and a loving sister who nearly always supported me in my (often wild) ideas and encouraged me to do my best at whatever I chose to pursue. In my early 30’s I pursued my life long dream to climb in the Nepal Himalaya. The journey brought me to a little girl in a remote mountain village who forever changed my life. Years later this led me to write and publish, A Story of Karma: Finding Love and Truth in the Lost Valley of the Himalaya. The book is now taking on a unique life of its own, and connecting me to many like-hearted people from around the world – including you!

Q. (And I love that we’ve discovered amazing mutual friends!) So, who’s a role model to you?

A. My mom. She taught me to never give up, dream big, and see the best in everyone and in everything.

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Q. (Beautiful.) What’s your advice to others?

A. Pursue your dreams. Now is the perfect time to start. Every step towards your dream is progress, no matter how small a step it is. It’s like climbing a mountain – generally, you’ll get more clarity as you go. Listen to the advice of others, but only heed that which aligns with your heart. Life is meant to be lived.

Q. (That’s solid gold.) And what are you currently working on?

A. Currently working on getting the word out for my book, A Story of Karma. (I thought writing it and finding the right publisher was the hard part!)

Q. (Ah, yes, every author is smiling and nodding.) As we like to do, please tell us what is your favourite: book, album, movie, and food dish?

A. Favourite book (I have a tie for three!): The Count of Monte Cristo (Dumas), The Snow Leopard (Matthiessen), and Lost Horizon (Hilton).

Favourite album: So many good ones … I can never get enough of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons though.

Favourite movie: Willow.

Favourite food dish: It comes down to the company I’m dining with. If eating solo, I’m perfectly happy with a bowl of fried rice.

(Bill) An excellent blend of cerebral and pop. And for a Showcase trademark Quirky Question; make a choice: egg salad or chicken salad?

(Mike) Egg salad (I’m not one for eating meat).

(Bill) Good stuff. I’m certain there’s a “which came first” joke in there; I just can’t quite find it. Suggestions are welcome. And thank you, Mike, for a great visit! Learn more about Mike’s work at, on Instagram @mikeschauch, and find Mike’s book, A Story of Karma at booksellers everywhere.

Thanks, Showcasers, for your enthusiastic support of our creative community. See you next time!

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