Two Poems from Denis Robillard (Part One)

On The Road

My psychic knots unravel on the long road ahead
Bound in the world’s monotonous skull glass
we are slowly climbing up the maps’ back
into elbows of water
into flailed tree limbs
and the million tears of disappearing lakes
where deep in the dreamscape
electron towers joust the sky
this endless landscape bridged by metal
like simple mechano droids ready to
devour us all.
We transpire through the secret socket
of the once and only delving dark
where we turn slowly
the flimsy pages of a dream book
soaked only in bitter nostalgia
starving at night to ring up a 3 am fetish.

Variations on a Map


The county borne map opens up
Into a vast wine stain on paper
Veins of unknown rivers
Splattered and splashed
From north to south.
My fingers ranging there
Over silent topographies
The endless miles
Of dyslexic travel.


The river spans and we are
Without maps again
The pathless void of
Night traversing
Roads shunting over metal
And concrete to
Manifest Destiny
The borderlands-
Clear and present water
Moves history deeper
Into the future.


Reeling hot, mad and
Circumstantial. We suffer the loss
of Emotional maps.


I place a blue thumb tack on the map
Where oil used to be
Red ones for uranium and iron
Next place yellow for tungsten and cadmium
Orange for realgar
And purple for Indigo.
My mind now dripping with false colors
Ersatz ink spills out in floods
We try foolishly all night to pin prick
The stake holders of the planet.

Denis Robillard is a 56-year-old poet and educator born in Northern Ontario. He now resides with his wife and children in Windsor, Ontario. Robillard was first published in 1986 and has had over 340 poems published in Canada, the USA and Europe. Recent publications include Ristau (Kentucky), Rampike (CAN), Ekphrastic Review (CAN), Windsor Review, LUMMOX (Calif) and The Nashwaak Review (2020). He is the past winner of the Ted Plantos Poetry Award in 2015 and the Cranberry Tree Press Award for his book, THE HISTORY OF WATER. His poetry book, ASK THE RIVER was published by Black Moss Press in 2018.