Two Recent Titles from Inanna Publications – July 2016

Publications of Toronto produces consistently excellent titles– fiction, poetry and non-fiction written with “perspectives that have the potential not just to educate or entertain, but to excite, enhance and motivate your passion for change”. The following two titles are no exception. First is the novella What Happened to Tom, the second is All My Fallen Angelas, a collection of short fiction. Both were published in 2016.… Continue reading

Night Ambulance by Nicholas Ruddock

Gun Control. Doctor-assisted death. Abortion. Three of the most polarizing issues facing humankind in the 21st century. There are no ‘grey areas’ when it comes to these issues, no fence-sitting; one is either for or against them. It is abortion, however that is the central pervading theme for the characters of Bell Harbour and St. John’s Newfoundland in Nicholas Ruddock’s Night Ambulance (2016, Breakwater Books).


Rowena Savoury, a young teen living in the outport town of Bell’s Harbour is pregnant.… Continue reading