Announcing the Complete 2020 “The Very Best!” Book Awards Shortlist!

The 2020 reading year was a little different this year at The Miramichi Reader. For the first part of the year, it contained reviews written by myself with the occasional guest post. Then, at the beginning of 2020, I made the major decision to expand the scope of the site beyond Eastern Canada, but in order to accomplish this, I would need more contributors. Obtaining them proved to be easier than I thought, and I am happy to have a strong team of reviewers who are authors, poets, and literature scholars. So, the 2020 longlist is a blended effort to recognize the best of the CanLit titles that were reviewed here at TMR. The winners of “The Very Best!” Book Awards for 2020 will be announced after Labour Day. Here is the 2020 shortlist! (The listings are in no particular order.)

2020 Shortlist

Best Fiction

Best Historical Fiction (Back for 2020!)

Best Short Fiction

Best First Book (Fiction or Non-Fiction)

Best Non-Fiction

Best Poetry (New for 2020!)

Best Cover Art/Design

The 2020 “Virtuous Love Award of Excellence” for Socially Conscious Publishing (All three are winners here!)

2020’s Most Promising Authors (All three are winners here!)

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