All of the 2020 Winners of “The Very Best!” Book Awards!

Another great reading year is now behind us here at The Miramichi Reader. So many good books on the complete longlist and so many books, twenty-one in all, that finished strong, in our collective opinion. 

Here, visually, are all the GOLD medal winners:

The SILVER medal winners:

All of the BRONZE medal winners:

See “The Very Best!” Book Awards page for all the links to this year’s and all the past year’s contenders:

2020 “The Very Best!” Book Awards: Best Fiction!

Fiction is undoubtedly the largest genre that gets reviewed here, so it was extremely difficult to narrow down the longlist to the shortlist, then to just three. Here are the three winners in the Fiction category!

2020 “The Very Best!” Book Awards: Best Non-Fiction

This year’s non-fiction finalists are a mix of a travelogue, a personal battle with PTSD and loss, and finding gratitude despite facing adversity.

2020 “The Very Best!” Book Awards: Best Historical Fiction Winners!

The Historical Fiction category returned in a big way after being absent in 2019. The winners here range from the British Home Child program to Black activism to a historical crime committed in rural Nova Scotia. As with the other categories, it was a shame that the well-stocked shortlist was made shorter!

2020 “The Very Best!” Book Awards: Best Short Fiction Winners!

For 2019, there were only two short fiction books in this particular category, so we declared it a tie. This year, we were blessed with some of the best and imaginative short fiction to choose from. It is difficult to narrow down the shortlist of five titles to three.

2020: “The Very Best!” First Book Winners!

The “Best First Book” award goes to the first published book by an author. It can be either fiction or non-fiction. In their book, the author has demonstrated that their debut book is not a “one-off”. Indeed, the writing should be so good that the reader is eagerly anticipating their next effort. Here are the three winners for 2020:

  • GOLD: Blindshot by Denis Coupal (Fiction, Linda Leith Publishing))
  • SILVER: The Imperilled Ocean by Laura Trethewey (Non-Fiction, Goose Lane Publishing)
  • BRONZE: Lightness by Fanie Demeule (Fiction, Linda Leith Publishing)

The 2020 shortlist for Best First Book is here:

2020 “The Very Best!” Poetry Winners!

2020 was the first year that The Miramichi Reader started reviewing poetry on a regular basis, therefore this is also the first year that we are giving out “The Very Best!” Book Awards in this category. While all of this year’s winners hail from Atlantic Canada, there is so much great poetry being written all across Canada. It looks like poetry at The Miramichi Reader is here to stay!…

2020 “The Very Best!” Cover Art/Design Winners!

Good book cover design is essential for a book to be noticed on the shelf. While the contents of the book must speak for itself whether it is worthy of your money and time, the cover often tells you something about the contents inside. (Although this is not always true. Consider QC Fiction’s use of Maison 1608 by Solisco for all of its “unconventionally stark” covers.…

Announcing the Complete 2020 “The Very Best!” Book Awards Shortlist!

The 2020 reading year was a little different this year at The Miramichi Reader. For the first part of the year, it contained reviews written by myself with the occasional guest post. Then, at the beginning of 2020, I made the major decision to expand the scope of the site beyond Eastern Canada, but in order to accomplish this, I would need more contributors.…

2020 Shortlist: Best Fiction!

Here is the category that many have been waiting for! It’s the most popular category at The Miramichi Reader and as usual, there were many, many good titles and to try and narrow the fourteen titles on the longlist down to just seven was an unenviable task. Here, then are the seven “Best Fiction” titles of 2020:

Of the above seven titles, three will be awarded either gold, silver, or bronze award early in September 2020.…

2020 Shortlist: Best Non-Fiction!

There were so many good non-fiction titles this year! From memoirs to travel to mental health, the five following titles cover it all and more:

2020 Shortlist: Best Historical Fiction!

The “Best Historical Fiction” category went missing last year for “The Very Best!” Book Awards, but it’s back and there were many good titles produced in this genre. Here are five of the best that were reviewed here at TMR:

Of the above five titles, three will be awarded either gold, silver, or bronze award early in September 2020.…

2020 Shortlist: “The Very Best!”Short Fiction

Last year, the Best Short Fiction category sported a meagre two titles (mind you, they were excellent ones!) but 2020 proved to be more of a watershed year for good solid, short story collections. Even some ingenious flash fiction was thrown into the mix. Here are the five shortlisted titles for Best Short Fiction, in no particular order.

Of the above five titles, three will be awarded either gold, silver, or bronze award early in September 2020.…

2020 Shortlist: “The Very Best!” First Book

Best First Book (Fiction or Non-Fiction)

Best First Book is one of the more interesting categories: I’m always wondering if the author has another book in them anytime soon, or was this just a one-off experience? What will their second book be like? The authors in this shortlist represent a wide assortment of backgrounds. All but one are female and there’s only one non-fiction book here.…

2020 Shortlist: “The Very Best!” Poetry

The 2020 reading year was the first year we reviewed poetry at The Miramichi Reader. Poetry is like art: the beauty of it is in the eye of the beholder (or reader). Very subjective. However, when poetry is collected or built around a central theme and is employed in such a way that the reader comes away with a sense of awe, wonder and/or a better understanding of a person, place or thing, then poetry’s true beauty is clear to see.…