Announcing “The Very Best!” Book Awards Longlist for 2021!

The Miramichi Reader’s popular “The Very Best!” Book Awards (“the Vee-Bahs”) are very different for 2021. To simplify things, we have only four categories: Novels, Non-Fiction, Short Fiction, and Poetry. From the following longlist, our jury (this is new, too!) will pare the nominees down to one winner and one honorable mention in each category. …

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2020 “The Very Best!” Book Awards: Best Fiction!

Fiction is undoubtedly the largest genre that gets reviewed here, so it was extremely difficult to narrow down the longlist to the shortlist, then to just three. Here are the three winners in the Fiction category! GOLD: The Tender Birds by Carole Giangrande (Inanna Publishing) SILVER: Lay Figures by Mark Blagrave (Nimbus Publishing) BRONZE: Some …

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2020 “The Very Best!” Book Awards: Best Short Fiction Winners!

For 2019, there were only two short fiction books in this particular category, so we declared it a tie. This year, we were blessed with some of the best and imaginative short fiction to choose from. It is difficult to narrow down the shortlist of five titles to three. GOLD: Watermark¬†by Christy Ann Conlin (Astoria, …

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2020: “The Very Best!” First Book Winners!

The “Best First Book” award goes to the first published book by an author. It can be either fiction or non-fiction. In their book, the author has demonstrated that their debut book is not a “one-off”. Indeed, the writing should be so good that the reader is eagerly anticipating their next effort. Here are the …

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2020 Shortlist: “The Very Best!”Short Fiction

Last year, the Best Short Fiction category sported a meagre two titles (mind you, they were excellent ones!) but 2020 proved to be more of a watershed year for good solid, short story collections. Even some ingenious flash fiction was thrown into the mix. Here are the five shortlisted titles for Best Short Fiction, in …

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2020 Shortlist: “The Very Best!” First Book

Best First Book (Fiction or Non-Fiction) Best First Book is one of the more interesting categories: I’m always wondering if the author has another book in them anytime soon, or was this just a one-off experience? What will their second book be like? The authors in this shortlist represent a wide assortment of backgrounds. All …

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A Dark House and Other Stories by Ian Colford

A Dark House and Other Stories* is a collection of eight stories covering about 180 pages, so the stories here are not too short, but are long enough for character development, particularly of each protagonist’s thoughts which is a standout characteristic of Mr. Colford’s writing.