broken boat cover image

the broken boat by Daniela Elza

In the broken boat, her fourth book of poetry, Daniela Elza deftly builds a raft of questions to stay afloat amidst the breakage of things. The end of a twenty-year marriage mirrors subtler fragmentations in our world. How to Continue reading

Pluviophile by Yusuf Saadi

Pluviophile veers through various poetic visions and traditions in search of the sacred within and beyond language.

At the risk of resembling a middle school English report, let’s start with a definition. Pluviophile – (n) a lover of rain; someone Continue reading

Riding Alone by Ashok Bhargava

Ashok Bhargava is a poet who strives to live peacefully in all his interactions, with self, others the divine and his struggle through cancer. Riding Alone chronicles that journey.

Walk Away Silver Heart by Frank Prem

I’m a fan of the ekphrastic medium – inspired creativity, examples of life imitating art, or more accurately, art imitating art, building on the existing with fresh interpretation. Poet Frank Prem leaps into the genre with his poetry, inspired by Amy Lowell’s Madonna of the Evening Flowers.

In The Vicinity of Riches by Chris Hutchinson

In The Vicinity of Riches by Chris Hutchinson is a poetry collection that takes a hard look at Late Stage Capitalism through the jaundiced eye of a poet whose Romantic sensibilities are constantly under attack by a society obsessed with virtual fame, iPhones, petrochemicals and antidepressants.