Lent by Kate Cayley

Lent from award-winning writer Kate Cayley is built from this tension, exploring domestic and artistic life amidst the environmental crisis, and the surprising ways that every philosophical quandary—large and small—converges in the home, in small objects, conversations, moments.

The Absence of Zero by R. Kolewe

The Absence of Zero is a triumphantly-executed celebration of the long poem tradition. Consisting of 256 16-line quartets, and 34 free-form interruptions, this slow-moving haunting work is a beautiful example of thinking in language, a meditation that explores time and memory in both content and form.

Fugue with Bedbug by Anne-Marie Turza

Anne-Marie Turza’s Fugue With Bedbug is part musical reference, part portraiture, a series of uncanny poems attending to time and mortality, an eccentric essay, and a musical score.