A Few Feet Short: an Uncommon Journey to Everest by Jamey Glasnovic

It’s official: I’m scared shitless.

Writes author Jamey Glasnovic in his opening salvo of A Few Feet Short, the story of his Nepalese trek. And with that, I’m hooked, wanting, needing to know more. I like an author who says what they feel—really feel—not diluted or dowsed in vanilla to avoid offending. I remember advice from Stephen King’s On Writing, words to the effect of, “Don’t say things like defecate. It’s shit. Say shit.” So when a writer’s voice is consistent with a master, needless to say, I’m a fan.

This, from the book’s overview:

From the Kathmandu Valley to the Middle Hills and the highest peaks on the planet, Glasnovic’s journey takes him through the cultural melting pot of northeastern Nepal and up into the Khumbu Valley, traditional homeland of the Sherpa people, finding his way eventually, and without any intention of actually climbing it, to the base of that most iconic of mountains, Everest.

What should be a journey back in time to a land without roads or central heating or convenience stores (and until recently without reliable electricity or internet access), is in reality a visit to a rapidly changing collection of cultures desperate to keep up with the busy world around them. A Few Feet Short is at once a search for enlightenment, a quest for spiritual guidance, and a simple pilgrimage along ancient and well-trodden trails that begins with that age-old question ‘What do I want to do with my life, anyway?’

Which is what Glasnovic explores, shares, and communicates well as we join him on his journey, a blend of exploratory quest and travel adventure. Whether you’re a climber or armchair recreationalist, this is as fun and engaging an escape as you’ll find anywhere. So hoist your imaginary pack, and join this affable author for a sensory experience into the Himalayas (and beyond) you won’t forget.

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About the Author: Jamey Glasnovic was born in Montreal, in 1968, and grew up in the suburb of Beaconsfield. A family trip to Spain when he was seven was the first step in creating an avid traveller, and he was drawn early in life to such destinations as Australia, Japan, Mexico and Ireland. After relocating to Canmore in 2004, Glasnovic began freelancing for newspapers such as the Banff Crag & Canyon, the Canmore Leader and Rocky Mountain Outlook, and he continued to roam. His first book, Lost and Found: Adrift in the Canadian Rockies, was published by RMB in 2014.

  • Title: A Few Feet Short: An Uncommon Journey to Everest
  • Author: Jamey Glasnovic
  • Publisher: RMB | Rocky Mountain Books
  • ISBN: 9781771602914
  • Pages: 360 pp

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