Orca Picture Books for Children by Melanie Metivier (Part two)

This Part Two of a review of children’s picture books from Orca Book Publishers. You can read Part One here.

City Baby, which is set to release in May of 2021, is a simple story about life in the city for a baby and their mother, and the activities they get to do. The illustrations by Ashley Barron are colourful and attractive for children and compliment the short story nicely. This book is a great choice to add to baby’s very first collection.

My Heart Beats by Rina Singh, scheduled to release in April 2021, is about the sound of a heartbeat in a variety of languages. Each page uses a different way of how another language describes the sound, for example, “thump thump” in English. This is a fun read and shows children at a very young age that while languages are very different, the feeling of something like the heart beating with love has the same meaning across them all. The photos include children from places around the world which helps to promote and demonstrate diversity and inclusivity at a young age.

The Sun is a Shine by Leslie A. Davidson, with a planned release date of April 2021 is a beautiful rhyming book in which children all around the world are giving thanks to the Earth for things like the wind, rain, snow, and so much more. Each time, a different language is used for saying “thank you”. Teaching children to be grateful and putting a positive spin on things like rain and lightning makes for an uplifting, fun-to-read story. The glossary included which describes each of the versions of “thank you” and where they originate around the world is also interesting and educational for all readers.

Louis Riel Day: The Fur Trade Project by Deborah L. Delaronde is a short, poetic story about a young boy who completes a school project to learn about the fur trade history. The boy, with the help of his grandfather, searches the internet to see what information they can find. The story provides a small glimpse into the time period and the events in which the Indigenous people experienced, as well as the acts of bravery and perseverance lead by Louis Riel. It also provides insight as to why Louis Riel Day is celebrated each February. The story is written in a way that children can comprehend the complex history, and the rhymes help in making it an easy read. The vocabulary glossary is also a wonderful resource to help children learn and understand the terms throughout the book.  

about the publisher

Orca Book Publishers is located in Victoria, British Columbia and takes pride in publishing over 80 children’s book titles per year. Established in 1984, Orca aims to provide young Canadian readers a variety of genres, with a special focus on those that promote diversity and inclusivity. They also offer eco-conscious printing which includes all books being printed on paper made from responsibly sourced wood fibre.

Children's Picture Book Reviewer

Melanie is the Children's Book reviewer at The Miramichi Reader. She is a mother to two young children Adeline (4 years) and Harlow (2 years). She has a Bachelor of Health Science from Dalhousie University and previously worked as a Radiological Technologist before deciding to pursue a career in health insurance administration. She enjoys sewing, crafting, and going on adventures with her family. Having lived in all three maritime provinces, Melanie now raises her daughters with her husband in Moncton, NB.