Miramichi Flash ‘Showcase’: June 2021

Miramichi Flash ‘Showcase’: June 2021

Miramichi Flash showcases four stellar flash fictions: “The Sacrifice of Teeth” by Sandra Arnold; “Something is Out of Place” by Louella Lester; “I Thought” by Pia Z. Ehrhardt; and “Invisible To Men” by Steve Passey; in its June 2021 Issue, today. — Enjoy!

The Sacrifice of Teeth” by Sandra Arnold

She had a photographic memory, so she could recall conversations, the expressions on people’s faces, the tone of their voices, the setting, the weather, the colours, the smells. If she needed a detail in the telling of a tale all she had to do was rewind the film in her head.

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“Something is Out of Place” by Louella Lester

At first she had liked the bird, when it was just a gentle chirping sound wafting into her open window as she woke up in the morning. But now, it is hanging out on the balcony at all hours of the day. And where birds go, bird poop follows. 

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“I Thought” by Pia Ehrhardt

I thought my job in life was to be in the service of quasi-famous people. Keep their house calm, quiet, keep my room clean, clear the way for my mother so she could walk through the house practicing her violin, too many scales and repeating of passages and not enough music for me.

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“Invisible To Men” by Steve Passey

She said to me: “Since I turned fifty I have become invisible to men.”

It sounded like a complaint.

I said “Well, for the first forty-nine how many men were invisible to you?”

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