Miramichi Flash ‘Showcase’: September 2022

Miramichi Flash, a literary column at The Miramichi Reader out of New Brunswick, Canada, showcases four stellar #flashfiction in its September Issue, today. “The Only Hope of The Jews” by Paul Beckman; “Split” by Francine Witte; “Fat Man” by Andrew Stancek; and “In Dreams We Meet At The Opera” by Damhnait Monaghan. Enjoy!

Miramichi Flash ‘Showcase’: AUGUST 2021

Miramichi Flash showcases four outstanding flash fiction: “In The Event Of A Famine” by Salvatore Difalco; “Complicit” by Gay Degani; “We Feed Them To The Lions” by Paul Thompson; and “The Arnolfini Funeral” by Jan Kaneen; in its August 2021 Issue, today. — Enjoy! “In The Event of A Famine” by Salvatore Difalco Everything in …

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