Miramichi Flash ‘Showcase’: August 2022

Miramichi Flash showcases four outstanding flash fiction in its August issue. “Dead Mother’s Corn Oil” by Diane Payne; “Meat” by Donna L. Greenwood; “In The Shape of a Small Bird” by Julia Strayer; and “Teeth” by Andrea Disario Marcusa. Enjoy!

“Dead Mother’s Corn Oil” by Diane Payne

Long Distance Lover was happy I finally agreed to spend time at his dead mother’s cottage in the middle of nowhere.  I already lived in the middle of nowhere.

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“Meat” by Donna L. Greenwood

At the dinner table, his mother’s flesh spreads like warm, pale jelly over her chair. His father sits at the head of the table; he is simmering and sour. Tom covers his ears to drown out the fat, wet noises erupting from the mouths of his parents as they eat. He looks at the grey meat on the plate in the centre of the table; it is surrounded by dishes of mashed potatoes, potato croquettes, dumplings and two gravy boats.

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“In The Shape Of A Small Bird” by Julia Strayer

I dream my brother sold me a shack by a river that ran too quick to the sea, but he’s been dead all my life. They say I carry what’s left of him. A ball of DNA in my abdomen where he fused into me long before we were born. 

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“Teeth” by Andrea Marcusa

I notice before he does. My husband of fifteen years has turned bearish. His nails are suddenly hard, black and sharp. His arm hair is darker. Coarse tufts have sprouted on his back. When I met him, I immediately noticed his strong back as he hoisted himself up on the side of our local pool. I can still see it’s bronzed, unblemished skin. Its heft. It was the kind of back that can lift things. Outdoor things like lumber, sacks of fertilizer.

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