Best Flanker Press Titles of 2021

As the province’s most active publisher of trade books, Flanker Press averages twenty new titles per year, with a heavy emphasis on regional non-fiction and historical fiction. The mission of Flanker Press is to provide a quality publishing service to the local and regional writing community and to actively promote its authors and their books in Canada and abroad.

Stephanie Collins is an enthusiastic reader of Flanker’s titles and reviews them for her own site, Fireside Collections and The Miramichi Reader. She was recently asked to select her favourite Flanker titles of 2021. She chose six, and here they are in no particular order.

1. The Hanged Woman’s Daughter by Nellie Strowbridge – Quite frankly, beautifully written with a captivating story to boot.

2. Rough Justice by Keith Mercer – In-depth and very well researched, providing readers with excellent historical information about policing in Newfoundland. A great piece of academia!

3. My Father’s Son by Tom Moore – Strong characters, rich symbolism. The more I reflect on this book, I wonder if Moore is using the characters and plot to infuse some of his own personal thoughts and political ideology about the unfortunate state of affairs of his home province, Newfoundland and Labrador.

4. The Stolen Ones by Ida Linehan Young – The final book (I’m guessing !?) of a great series!

5. The Body On The Beach by Patrick Collins – An overall great book, kept me reading, wanting to find out what happened. The ending caught me off guard completely, not what I was expecting.

6. Don’t Be Talkin’: Recitations and Other Foolishness From Newfoundland and Labrador by Harry Ingram – a fun, light-hearted feel-good read told in traditional Newfoundland prose! A reminder to look for the funny side of life.

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Stephanie Collins is a retired school administrator and teacher from Mount Pearl, Newfoundland. A lover of literature and an avid reader, Stephanie loves travelling, outdoor activities, and riding shotgun in her RV or on the back of a motorcycle. Stephanie enjoys writing about her travels, reviewing new titles, and is an aspiring children’s book writer. Her reviews can be found atFireside Collectionsand you can follow her on Twitter @MrsCollinsNL.