Celebrate Pride Month and Indigenous History Month with TMR!

June is Pride Month AND Indigenous History Month. We’ll be spotlighting excellent queer and Indigenous titles all month. First up: some ~double feature~ Indigiqueer books, recommended from our editors!

Tauhou by Kōtuku Titihuia Nuttall

Reviewed by Clementine Oberst, 2023

“Tauhou successfully proves that a novel need not follow one plot or one set of characters to be wonderfully compelling.”

A Minor Chorus by Billy-Ray Belcourt

Reviewed by Ian Colford, 2023

A Minor Chorus, structured in an open-ended, circular fashion, is an elegantly written novel in which resolution is elusive.

The All + Flesh by Brandi Bird

Reviewed by Peter Midgley, 2023

“This is an invigorating, liberating read.”

Land of Many Shores: Stories from a Diverse Newfoundland and Labrador edited by Ainsley Hawthorn

Reviewed by Stephanie Collins, 2022

Land of Many Shores is an anthology of poetry, essays and short narratives written by 24 authors who call, or have called Newfoundland and Labrador home.”

Jonny Appleseed by Joshua Whitehead

Reviewed by Alison Manley, 2021

“This is a clever book, boldly claiming space for Indigiqueer stories – which we need more of on our shelves.”

it was never going to be okay by jaye simpson

Reviewed by Rachel Fernandes, 2021

“When reading jaye simpson’s debut poetry collection, the word “visceral” comes to mind.”

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