Unpacking the Personal Library: The Public and Private Life of Books – edited by Jason Camlot and J.A. Weingarten

Unpacking the Personal Library: The Public and Private Life of Books is a set of essays dealing with the different kinds of personal libraries, split into two sections: the private libraries which have transformed into more public collections, and the personal libraries and what they reveal about their owners.

I Read Somewhere That: Episode 6

I take a look at what Amazon was going to be called before they settled on the moniker that changed our lives forever and, what was their original product? Plus, have Amazon changed their (already dubious) review processes? I chat about a controversial tweet about books needing a timeout, Canada’s non-fiction crisis, whether you should write a memoir or not and finally, should you write every day?

Must-Have New Brunswick Books of 2020*

The books in this “Must Have New Brunswick Books of 2020” list cover all ages and tastes and will give you an idea of the diversity of voices – both young and old – that emanate from here. This list includes fiction for young readers as well as mature ones, and non-fiction titles concerning New Brunswick, and its history, people, and geography.

TMR’s Recommended Reads for 2020/2021 Part I

Since the most recent “The Very Best!” Book Awards were announced in September 2020, the TMR team of Contributors have been reading and reviewing full-tilt for the 2020/2021 reading year. November is an ideal time to take stock of what has been accomplished thus far before the busy year-end activities start to take time from …

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My 22 Recommended Reads of 2017

Many book-ish sites this time of year take time to reflect back on some of the standout reads from the past year. Some you can find online, and some are hardbacks which is good for everyone’s different preferences. Understandably, sometimes you can’t access content online and so some people like to use tools like this …

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