Announcing the 2019 “The Very Best!” Book Award Finalists!


Since the 2019 Atlantic Book Awards have been given out, it seemed like a good time to lock in my 2019 long list for the summer. Any books I am currently reading will be put on the 2020 long list (if deemed worthy, of course).  I will announce a shortlist in August. 

It was a very good year for reading, and I found myself adding book after book to the list (that’s why it’s a long list, right?). I was particularly impressed by the past year’s non-fiction titles. They were quite diverse, from ships to trees of New Brunswick, to Afghanistan to poor houses in Nova Scotia, just to name several subjects. While many books have origins here in Atlantic Canada, there are some excellent small press publishers in Quebec producing English-language titles (or translations from French). Baraka Books, QC Fiction, and Linda Leith Publishing all have books on the Fiction list. Finally, I would like to declare that there is a tie in the Short Fiction category, as there are only two collections of short stories that made the list, and I didn’t want to have to choose between them! So, congratulations to Aaron Kreuter and Kris Bertin for sharing a “The Very Best! Book Award for Short Fiction!

Here are all 33 titles, separated into Fiction, First Book and Non-Fiction.

Fiction (15 Titles)

Best Short Fiction (2 Titles, therefore a tie)

Best First Book, Fiction or Non-Fiction (5 Titles)

Non-Fiction (11 Titles)

Winners will be announced in mid to late September. In the meantime, I’m going to use the summer months to revisit all the books here and transition to a shortlist in August. I’ll be highlighting books from this list on the official Miramichi Reader’s “The Very Best!” Book Awards Facebook page:

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