Stealing John Hancock by H&A Christensen

Stealing John Hancock is authored by the writing team of mother-daughter Alie and Hejsa Christensen, known as H&A Christensen. This is their debut novel, and, what a book it is! From the opening pages, I was dumped head-first into the action. A young family arrives at their new home, along with the moving van, only to find out they have been duped. They have been scammed in the most unconscionable way. Their previous home has been sold to purchase the new home. But the new home still belongs to the original owner, who is very much living in the house, with no intention of moving. So, where’s the money?

“From the opening pages, I was dumped head-first into the action.”

Indeed, this begins the worst day for our protagonist John Paul Hancock. The paper trail of the mortgage fraud leads us to him. He is listed as the recipient of the money but has no idea what’s going on. All he knows is that he and his girlfriend have had a bad breakup, he’s been promised an acting part in a big-budget film, and she won’t get any of the proceeds when he makes it big on the movie screen. Events start unfolding at break-neck speed and nothing makes any sense to John P. Hancock, or JP, as we know him. With the acting job being questionable, until he can sort it out, JP is at a severe disadvantage. He is destitute, with no place to live, no job, and no money. There’s also a savvy police detective, Nya Grey, hot on his trail for the mortgage scam he says he knows nothing about. JP turns to an undercover computer hacker called the Vindicator for help. But, how does he know whom to trust? Who is posing as him? And, where is the money that he is accused of stealing?

This book has it all! Getting into the story, which happens immediately, I was at first suspicious of every character. Then clarity is ushered in, piece by piece, by the stellar writing of this duo, H&A Christensen. This monster of a story steamrolls out. Stealing John Hancock held me captivated as the story unfolded with each angle loaded with twists and turns. How is it ever going to resolve? How can JP Hancock clear his name and get his identity back? The cast of characters is absolutely believable and the crime is imaginable. This type of crime, mortgage fraud, and identity theft, is happening currently in reports, online, and on the six o’clock news.

This is a thrilling ride! I couldn’t put the book down, but wanted it to end to find out everything, yet dreaded the book’s finish. A dilemma, to be certain. There are high stakes, con artists, international pursuits, and the role of cat and mouse played and interplayed. The pacing of Stealing John Hancock is perfect. It has a fast-paced plot, with well-defined characters, and a dynamic storyline. There is the big question at the forefront of the story: Who are you really? Plot and character get an equal mix in this thriller. This is a read to be gobbled up.

Alie and Hejsa Christensen are certainly from the story world. They are writers for an in-house film production company and know their craft inside and out. Hopefully, there will be more from H&A Christensen, with a request for a sequel at the top of my list. For more insight, I tuned into Crystal Fletcher’s YouTube show, all about canadian books. Crystal does a great job interviewing and discussing the creative process with this mom-and-daughter writing duo. Well worth viewing to watch this team in action.

I would not be surprised to see this book transported to the screen, but don’t miss out on a single word! Pick up a copy of Stealing John Hancock by H&A Christensen. This is one big, thrilling story you will not want to miss.

Alie and Hejsa Christensen are a mother-daughter writing duo based in Ontario, Canada. They discovered their affinity for working together when they were in-house writers for a film production company. They have now made the leap from the silver screen to the printed page. Stealing John Hancock is their first novel.

  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Ravenstone (Oct. 1 2022)
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • Paperback ‏ : ‎ 380 pages
  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 0888017626
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-0888017628

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