Two Lori Doody Books

Lori Doody books have become some of our favourite titles over the past few years, so it was no surprise that Mr. Beagle Climbs Signal Hill and Lana Llama (Running the Goat Books) were a hit. Both stories, while very different from one another, offer children valuable life lessons in a fun, simplistic way. The illustrations are distinct and instantly recognizable, and the puns throughout both the imagery and the story are entertaining for all ages. These two titles are a wonderful addition to any collection, especially following the two previous Mr. Beagle titles.

“Both stories… offer children valuable life lessons in a fun, simplistic way.”

Mr. Beagle is back and once again finds himself on a mission to solve a mystery. This time, he is taking a rest from running his store and decides to hike Signal Hill. During the climb, he learns that some folks are missing their snacks, and takes it upon himself to find the suspect. After searching along the way and reaching the top of the hill, he finally tracks down the culprits. The guilty team – a brand new food truck that was running low on supplies – admits their wrongdoing and makes it up to the visitors by giving out free samples. Everyone is accepting of their apology and happily supports their new business. This story is a great example to children of making mistakes, owning up to them, apologizing and making it right, and in turn the positive outcome that can have.

Lana Llama is an uplifting, inspirational story for young children. Lana the Llama lives with a flock of sheep. When she becomes aware of her differences in appearance, she tries to hide those characteristics in order to feel like she can fit in with the others. When a dog comes along and is bothering the sheep, Lana realizes she can stand up to the bully, just by standing tall and being herself. This story offers an underlying message of self-acceptance and confidence and the positive impact those two things can have, which is so important for children to learn. In Adeline’s words “Lana is such a great friend, she helped the sheep!”. These two Lori Doody titles are sure to be a favourite in our home for years to come.

A printmaker by training, Lori Doody is the author/illustrator of several widely praised picture books that combine bright, simple illustrations with witty, spare stories, including Capelin Weather; The Puffin Problem; Mallard, Mallard, Moose; Paint the Town Pink; Catalina; and the Mr. Beagle series. Two have been included in the Canadian Children’s Book Centre’s Best Books for Kids & Teens; one, named an Ontario Library Association “Top Ten Best Bet”; and two, short-listed for the NL Book Award for Children’s/Young Adult Literature.

Children's Picture Book Reviewer

Melanie is the Children's Book reviewer at The Miramichi Reader. She is a mother to two young children Adeline (5 years) and Harlow (3 years). She has a Bachelor of Health Science from Dalhousie University and previously worked as a Radiological Technologist before deciding to pursue a career in health insurance administration. She enjoys sewing, crafting, and going on adventures with her family. Having lived in all three maritime provinces, Melanie now raises her daughters with her husband in Moncton, NB.