Confessions of A Prize-Winning Poet

When my first book came out, I was suddenly thrust into the spotlight as “an up and coming young Canadian poet to watch out for” simply by having the good luck to land on a few awards lists. My book Bonfires, published by Nightwood Editions, was nominated for the Gerald Lampert Award and won the CAA poetry award in 2004.…

So Distant Like This: April is Poetry Month!

is April 1st and Poetry Month is upon us. Art seems more important than ever as people are sharing free music concerts and homebrewed poetry videos around the world. During these unprecedented times, I think of a little poem by the poet Hayden Carruth that goes like this:

Hey Basho, you there!
I’m Carruth. Isn’t it great,
so distant like this

This is a playful little haiku perfect for social isolation as it reminds us of the immense power of poetry, and how it connects us over distances, and even centuries.…

The Voice That Is Great Within Us: Poetry And Voice

One of the last books the late American poet Tony Hoagland left us with was his slim volume of essays and writing exercises called The Art of Voice. In its contents, he says a convincing poetic voice, “can be embodied through a kind of stuttering hesitation, or by a spontaneous uncensoredness, or as a deepening tangle of psychology. It can be performed as anxiety, or carefree light-headedness, or as overconfident swagger, or as steady, painstaking thoughtfulness” (9).…

Spotlight Poem #1: “The Konami Code” by Mathew Henderson

In this new series, we will begin publishing unpublished poems by prominent Canadian poets, young and old. For our first entry, we have “The Konami Code” by Mathew Henderson which is featured in his upcoming collection Roguelike out with Anansi Press this Spring. A review is forthcoming.


Was it a Dark Souls note that told me how to tap

the ups and downs and ups and downs against

my thigh until my thigh began to tap them back?…

Introducing The Abrupt Edge with Chris Banks

Before I let Chris speak, I wish to introduce not only him as The Miramichi Reader’s new Poetry Editor, but his new column, The Abrupt Edge as well. It will be a regular feature here at TMR and will feature poetry, poetry news and whatever else Chris wants to tell you about. Welcome, Chris!

late American poet Stanley Plumly once wrote an essay called ‘The Abrupt Edge” in his terrific book of essays Argument & Song.…