Cover of Off the Tracks. An image of two vintage train seats, facing each other. A window looking out at some trees is between them.

Off the Tracks: A Meditation on Train Journeys by Pamela Mulloy

The romance of train travel has never left our minds, even long after it stopped being such a vital part of travel for the average person. Off the Tracks: a Meditation on Train Journeys in a Time of No Travel by Pamela Mulloy is a love letter to these trains, from a North American perspective.

Sleepers and Ties by Gail Kirkpatrick

Grieving Museum curator Margaret returns to her childhood home to leave behind her sister Shirley’s ashes and attend the final reading of her will. Unbeknownst to Margaret, Shirley has left her eight million dollars and a letter asking Margaret to return to its former glory an abandoned railway line–a fanciful notion, everyone tells her, with no real legal binding.