This Will Only Take a Minute: 100 Canadian Flashes by Bruce Meyer and Michael Mirolla (Editors)

In This Will Only Take a Minute: Canadian Flash Fiction, Guernica Editions features short short stories by Canadian writers from six words to 500 words in length, short stories from across the entire spectrum of Canadian writing. and anything from stark realism to speculative fiction.

Matters of Time: An Outliers Anthology

Five years after their initial meeting at a Lindsay coffee shop, a writing group known as The Outliers has released an anthology of their work, Matters of Time. This mixed-genre collection draws on an array of fantastically complex characters, drops them in strange and unusual places, and gives them free rein to explore Time.

The Sad Misfortune of Naive Catalina and her Sinister Grandmother by Karen Schauber

Catalina was feeding her grandmother when ocean waves swelled bringing news of her brother Tamas, long gone on a misguided sailing expedition. The blustery winds of the high seas played mischief with the pious families of the village, spreading rumours and lies, twisting and winding them up like a chroniker with no hands. Today it …

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